Solar PV

Why should I install solar PV now?

  • Feed-in tariff is a guaranteed tax free, index linked income for 20 years at a rate of 15.44p/unit generated.
  • The costs of a solar PV system have fallen by around 55% from a year ago so it’s now more affordable and you have less outlay with a similar return on your investment.
  • Save money on your electric bills and protect yourself from future price rises.
  • You now need an EPC certificate with a grade of ‘D’ or above to claim the full FIT rate. ┬áIf you need to make improvements to meet this requirement, such as improving insulation or fitting energy saving lighting, these will also reduce your energy bills.
  • It’s good for the environment, solar PV produces no emissions and requires no fuel so your carbon footprint will be reduced and you will export energy to the grid, helping the UK’s energy production.

The next feed-In tariff cuts are coming on 1st July – you need to act now if you want to beat this deadline. From July the FIT rate for new installations will be reduced to 14.9p.

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