Gas Condensing Boilers

At Green Source Heat we recognise that not all situations are suitable for an entirely renewable solution and there will be a need for efficient gas fuelled heating systems for some time to come.

Modern condensing boilers can be very efficient, particularly when combined with a well designed heating system and adequate insulation. In fact if your property has a mains gas supply, a condensing boiler heating system may be your most economical solution at present unless you can also install a cheap source of electricity such as a wind turbine or photovoltaic solar panels.

The condensing part of a condensing boiler refers to a process of recovering heat from the flue gases which would otherwise be lost to the outside. It consists of a secondary heat exchange which allows much of the moisture in the flue gas to condense, thereby releasing a large amount of energy and transferring it to the heating water. This process is similar to water vapour condensing on a bathroom mirror, the mirror is actually being heated in the process although the amount of water involved is very small so the heat produced is negligible.