Controls and Monitoring

The key to efficient and economic heating is in the controls. Modern controls allow individual rooms to be heated to a suitable temperature at the correct times. That means living rooms while they are occupied and bedrooms during the night. That’s a big change from just switching the heating on once or twice a day and off the rest of the time and only measuring the temperature in one room, often the hall. Monitoring forms part of the controls but if the data is recorded and presented in a easy to understand manner, it can also reduce energy consumption by allowing the user to see where energy goes and modify their usage.

We offer two systems which offer precise control of room temperature both at home and over the internet using a smart phone, tablet or computer. The Nest Learning Thermostat is the simplest to install, replacing your existing heating programmer while the Loxone Smart Home system requires more thought although it can control all the heating, lighting, security and audio/visual systems throughout your home or office.

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